The Journey Begins

Are you ready to embark on a journey to bring intention to all aspects of your life?

If you are like I was, there are certain things about your life and certain things about your career that light you up.  But they are often separate and rarely happening at the same time.  It’s more like a juggling act and you might even find that you spend time compartmentalizing all the things going on by design.  You bring one part of yourself to work and another part of you shows up at home.

I did this for years.

Some days I was loving my business – my work was meaningful and inspiring and fulfilling - but I was failing at home. 

Some days I was loving my life – I was present and energized and happy at home – but frustrated & unfulfilled at work.

I was a master at compartmentalizing all the aspects of my life – those that fueled me and those that drained me. I was always chasing balance, ease, joy somewhere – if it was good at home it never seemed to be good enough at work and vice versa.

And then a health scare pushed me to make the decision to leave my corporate career.  It wasn’t until I embarked on the journey of personal development and started my own leadership coaching practice that I realized, you can find greater connection and greater success – you can be enough, have enough, and live as enough - in your life and career when you are willing to practice self-compassion when you are willing to give yourself grace and be kinder to yourself.

It is time to stop chasing happiness, balance, presence, calm, maybe even your own self-worth.  It is time to stop compartmentalizing and claim your right to show up as your whole, beautiful, authentic self in every aspect of your life.

It is time to stop honoring the inner critic that gets in your head and becomes a barrier to you feeling enough and instead, add tools to your toolbox that allow you to make the commitment to be kinder to yourself so you can start living your best & most meaningful life now.

Come on this journey with me.

Make a commitment to yourself.  A 45-day commitment to be kind to yourself and find one small way to practice self-compassion daily.

Let Go of   Perfectionism
Give Yourself  Recognition
Cultivate Your  Inner Advocate
Give Yourself a  Reality Check
Invest in  Yourself

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Learn how to give yourself grace, how to be kinder to yourself – through strategies and practical examples – so you can feel more confident, worthy, and more like yourself in every part of your life, every day.

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It's a kindness movement...starting with you first! 
Make a 45 day commitment to yourself.
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