Day 21 of 45Kind: What are Your Limiting Beliefs?

What are your limiting beliefs?

"Oh, you're just lucky"

This is what I said to myself for years.  Throughout my career, whenever I was put on a stretch assignment or received a promotion, I told myself this, "Oh, you're just lucky".

It wasn't until I started my own coaching practice and started taking my own personal development to the next level, that I realized this was my own limiting belief.

A limiting belief is a negative thought or belief system that doesn't allow us to be ourselves. It no longer serves us and in fact, holds us back in many ways. 

Many of us have limiting beliefs that erode our confidence in some way.  But the good news is that having awareness of them allows us to make different choices.

I have eradicated my limiting beliefs and have taken responsibility for myself - without apology.

This is probably one of the most significant shifts I made since starting on my journey of self-compassion!

This is Day 21 of #45Kind. Check out my video to hear more about the most common limiting belief I find with my clients and a small REFRAME that can help you change this belief and grow your confidence!

If you are ready to explore the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your life & career and ready to make a different choice to progress forward, contact me.

It's a kindness movement...starting with you first! 
Make a 45 day commitment to yourself.
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