Day 5 / 6 of 45Kind: What Do You Say to Yourself?

Do you remember the Saturday Night Live skit, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy? This was my first introduction to positive affirmations...

I am smart enough, I am successful enough and gosh darn it, people like me! ~Jack Handy

I remember my brother and I mimicking Jack on the regular.  It was funny and not something I would ever consider putting into practice. Who actually takes positive affirmations seriously?

It wasn't until I started my work as a coach that it came back around and I understood the power of positive affirmation.

The foundational work to be done for anyone on their own journey of growth is mindset and positive affirmations are a great place to start.

What do you say to yourself?  Quietly in your own head or even out loud.  I started to take notice of what I was saying to myself.

You look tired. You look old. You are just lucky. You are a selfish mom.

I know, harsh!  But I caught myself saying these things almost effortlessly!

It might be the case for you.  If you paid a little attention, would notice some of the unkind things you say to yourself? It may be time to shift that talk track...and instead of being critical, say something positive, or pay yourself a compliment and maybe say it out loud and really mean it!

How would that feel?

For me, this has taken some practice.

And the irony of it all...just like Jack Handy, I started with "I am" statements.  An intentional practice of starting the day with positive affirmations.

I am confident to handle anything that comes my way. I am capable of saying no. I am loving mother with a listening ear.

Much better, right?  This practice felt weird but it didn't take long before I noticed that I felt more confident and in control of how I started each day.

More than that, it helped me shift my internal and external talk track.  What is now effortless is how I am now positively and kindly chatting it up with myself throughout the day.

If 40% of our satisfaction, happiness & joy is in our control, then what are you doing to nurture a strong, confident, self-compassionate mindset each day?

Watch the video for more about this Day 5 practice!

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It's a kindness movement...starting with you first! 
Make a 45 day commitment to yourself.
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