Why  45Kind?

I haven’t met a high achiever yet that doesn’t spend some amount of time listening to their inner critic. 

You know…that voice that reminds you of all the things you should have done better, faster, stronger.  The voice that says you aren’t “enough”…smart enough, present enough, successful enough

The “should haves” and the “enoughs” creep in and in some cases take over.

Guess what? Spending too much time engaging in your own negative self-talk is detrimental to your health, performance, and self-esteem.

  • What if you were able to ease up a little on those self-imposed pressures?
  • What if you gave yourself a little grace?
  • What if you were simply kinder to yourself, each and every day?

What if you could do all this and still be motivated to achieve your goals?

Spoiler alert…self-compassion is actually a proven way to achieve your goals faster, better and with more ease & joy.

I see the most accomplished leaders struggle with this idea daily.

Shame for all the things that aren’t enough (not working hard enough, not patient enough at home, not successful enough in their career). Guilt for all the things they “should have” done (on their project, with their client, for their family).

They spend unnecessary energy here.  It takes up too much mental real-estate that takes away from their ability to know and be enough.

It is time to stop “shoulding” on yourself.  It is time to start recognizing your self-defeating behaviors and shift the narrative. 

This is my mission, and this is why I created 45Kind.

A 45-day commitment to be kind to yourself …to find one small way to practice self-compassion daily.

It's a kindness movement…starting with you first!

Join the movement…and the community centered around the power of self-compassion and self-kindness and create a shift for yourself that helps you show up unapologetically as your whole self and achieve your goals in your life and career with more ease & joy.

Download the Self-compassion Guide

Self Kindness: Being warm and understanding toward ourselves
when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate.

Brené Brown

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It's a kindness movement...starting with you first! 
Make a 45 day commitment to yourself.
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